Hey guys!So this will be my first nail tutorial ever!And yeah,It’s really sort of like my hobby to cutie-fy or glam up my nails and all so yeah.I’ll be posting a few Nail Art Tutorials monthly or weekly at least !So anyways, Let’s get started!


♥Nail Polish (any color of your choice but white will be used in this☺)
♥Rubbing Alcohol (I used Ethyl alcohol for this☺)

♥Top & Base Coat


1.Paint your nails a thin coat of Base coat to refrain from staining your nails.

2.Apply 1 coat of the nail lacquer you chose.(Do not let it COMPLETELY dry)

3.Rip strips of newspaper.(Big enough to cover your

4.With your rubbing alcohol wet your newspaper strips

**You have to be fast in doing this part or else the print on the newspaper won’t stick to your nails!**

5.Put the wet newspaper on your half-dried nails and wait for at least 15 seconds before removing it.

6.Once you’re finished sticking all the prints on your nails apply top coat and you are done!

Now guys I hope you like this tutorial!Any problems?Email me @ ellaqstyles@gmail.com or Tweet me @MofoALaCraic

What it turned out : (my nails look horrible here omg)

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